Feel free to download my music below or pay a visit to Pod Safe Music Network where all my songs are available for listening.

1. It takes two
2. I walk away
3. Reach out
4. As long as the world is turning
5. Through the night
6. Starting all over
7. I dont wanna lie
8. Put a little love
9. Dont you make me cry!
10. Drömmar
11. Christmas without you
12. This white Christmas will be blue

All songs written by Beatrice Ericsson except songs no 2-5, 7, 8, 10, 11 by Beatrice Ericsson and Charlie Arvstrand and no 12 by Beatrice Ericsson, Charlie Arvstrand and Viktor Buck

For all you Podcast listeners out there I have listed some podshows who have played my music recently:

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LoveHouse Radio
Briton's Podcast
All Critters PodCast
KL Podcast
Financial Aid News Podcast

Jingle for Podcasters
And for all you Podcasters I have made a jingle where a introduce my music. Download it here: Introduction Jingle