As most of you know this coming spring Beatrice is going out on tour with Carola, mainly around the north of Sweden Area. Beatrice is the opening act (surprise!) and will perform her own songs (yes the ones we all fell in love with). She is also Carola’s backing vocalist.

On top of all of that, Carola sings Beatrice’s song “Starting all over”! Listen to it on this homepage. Buy tickets at

Lastly, as the holiday season approaches we have been getting a lot of good recommendations for websites where you can find cool stuff to buy for men and women. Thank you for all the suggestions, we’ll surely check them out!


Upcoming dates:
  • 3/2 Haparanda-Tornio - Aspen Hallen Haparanda (Carola)
  • 10/2 Beatrice sings with Soulexplotion at Näsby slott
  • 23/2 Lycksele - Hotell Lappland (Carola)
  • 24/2 Lycksele - Hotell Lappland (Carola)
  • 25/2 Beatrice sings at Passion church
  • 10/3 Beatrice sings with Soulexplotion, Sthlm
  • 16/3 Sundsvall - Hotell Södra Berget (Carola)
  • 17/3 Sundsvall - Hotell Södra Berget (Carola)
  • 23/3 Malmö (Carola)
  • 25/3 Beatrice sings at Dynamic Storstadskyrkan, Thorildsplan Stockholm
  • 14/4 Visby – opening of Visby concert hall (Carola)
  • 18/4 Beatrice play at the club ”Bara unplugged” Skånegatan 59, Stockholm
  • 21/4 Piteå - Piteå Havsbad (Carola)